Message of 8th congress president

Dear colleagues

In The Name of God

I feel grateful for being provided with the opportunity to act as your hostess in the 8th Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Congress with the presence of distinguished professors and graduates. Hoping that this Congress with its theme " New Concepts in Maxillofacial Imaging " provides us with the opportunity to exchange ideas among veterans and younger researchers in this field. Let this time be a time of examininig new ideas.
Bearing in mind the novelty of this field along with its numerous graduates, it deems necessary for us to pursue its enhancement by sharing  ideas and by creating suitable and practical applications, in order to provide better services.
Congresses such as this, could be the core of scientific consultation and beyond shadow of a doubt brain storming will assist us in its implementation.

Once again I welcome our highly respected professors and guests to this congress and appreciate the non-stop efforts of those who were involved. I hope the steps taken by us will lead  our land in the direction of a higher esteem.


Dr.Sima Nikneshan 
Head of The Iranian  8th Oral and maxillofacial  radiology Congress
December 2015